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Qohash finds, tracks, and safeguards the world’s most sensitive data. We partner with top organizations to deliver lasting value in the shortest possible time frame, providing total data clarity and actionable insights while solving fast-moving challenges.

Qohash essentials

  • Qostodian overview

    This is the solution brief for the Qostodian platform. It is used to introduce the platform.

  • Qostodian Recon overview

    This is the solution brief for the Qostodian Recon solution. It is used to introduce the solution.

  • Qostodian Recon SPS overview

    This is the solution brief for Qostodian Recon SPS. It is used to introduce the solution and service offering.

  • Qohash Intro card

    The intro card is used to briefly introduce Qohash and its main value proposition. Used exclusively in print format.

  • Qostodian ICP

    The ICP describes the perfect customer who gets the best value from the Qostodian platform.

Market insights

  • Qohash for Gen AI

    This is the Qohash Sales Aide Memoire for Gen AI that has all of the high level points to determine fit of prospect buyer.


Service offerings

  • Qostodian – demonstration

    This is a brief demonstration of three common use cases of the Qostodian platform.

    Qostodian – demonstration

  • Qostodian – requirements

    This short video goes over the deployment requirements for the Qostodian platform.

    Qostodian – requirements

  • Qostodian – initial deployment

    This short video covers the process of deploying the Qostodian platform and its basic configuration.

    Qostodian – initial deployment

  • Qostodian Recon – demonstration

    The video covers basic configuration, classification, scan targets and reporting of the Qostodian Recon solution

    Qostodian Recon – demonstration

  • Qostodian Recon – installation

    The video covers the requirements and guidelines for proper installation of the Qostodian Recon solution.

    Qostodian Recon – installation

Case studies